Tracking results by the numbers

Why Choose DCD Marketing?” rather than “” – A different domain for a different type of agency.

DCD Marketing is an Agile Marketing Agency. We specialize in an All Bound Digital Marketing Strategy and complete marketing transformations. We customize marketing strategy for your particular marketing mix. This is important as your marketing needs must address how your customers like to receive information.

I.e. sending the right message to the right person at the right time to create more ROI for your company.

DCD Marketing is able to accomplish what other agencies can’t because we team with other Talented Marketing Professionals as Agile Project Teams that deliver a customized marketing solution in time frames where other agencies would not even bid on the project.

DCD Marketing will manage the entire collaborative process for your unique situation or project.

The experience is the same as partnering with a single full-service agency without the high overhead.

Why We Say Marketing By the Numbers

DCD Marketing uses a systematic method of taking the complex and breaking it down into digestible, manageable parts. We take the numbers from what is and what is not working so that your strategy is not guesswork in the dark.

We track all of the data. This means from open rates, click though rates, PPC and any other data types that can be tracked and measured. When tracking every measurable, we find where the process is lacking, fix the holes and alleviate your issues. This allows you to be more effective and gain more ROI for your business. DCD does this all By The Numbers.

Who is DCD Marketing?

DCD Marketing was founded by Christopher Douglas.

DCD is headquartered in Raleigh, NC where he earned his MBA from East Carolina University and also his BA in Applied Psychology from UNC-Charlotte.

Christopher has over 15 years of Marketing Management and Business Analysis experience and is well known for his robust leadership style and extensive Project Management background.

His career includes strategic roles at iNet Process, Centice Corporation, and other highly-respected technology-centric organizations. Christopher also earned his private pilot’s license for single and multi-engine aircraft, as well as an Instrument Rating in 2004.

Christopher is the co-founder and Managing Director of the Triangle Marketing Club – a rapidly growing industry group with over 1700 active members that hosts monthly events. You can learn more about Chris’s experience on his Linkedin profile.