Affiliate Program Management

How an Affiliate Management Program Can Help Your Company

With our Affiliate Program Management and Consulting experience we can enable your marketing dollars to generate more ROI with the capability.

Use the power of today’s latest technology to create an army of advocates for your brand and drive inbound leads into your pipeline. Keep in mind, Affiliate Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Just as it took time to build your solid customer base, affiliate marketing is not an overnight “fix”.

It’s a strategic investment to extend your brand reach and influence.

  • “How often do you ask “What time of day should you post a blog?”
  • “Which types of campaigns are most receptive to your client base?”
  • “Which online affiliate service is the best fit for your company?”
  • “How do I know if a particular affiliate make a good fit for your company brand?”

That’s a lot of questions and there are no easy answers; unless you think like DCD Marketing. We are marketing geeks and these are the questions that pique our curiosity. Our answers are the solutions that you don’t have to spend hours studying or shoot in the dark and hope you got it right.

Afilliate platforms are useful platforms – in the right hands.

We began working with DCD Marketing this past Spring of 2017. Chris and I were able to discuss at length the needs of my firm and what his company was able to bring to the table to assist us with meeting our goals. Within a few meetings, I could tell that Chris knew his business and that we needed his assistance in a more recurring role. His firm has taken on the Marketing Director Role for Oak City Properties and oversees our marketing needs both digitally and otherwise.

As a business owner, there are several keywords I like to hear when thinking about using someone’s services. The best one word to describe Chris at this time would be “results”. He is a good person, a bull dog negotiator and a true advocate for the businesses he represents.

DCD Marketing is a great additional to the Oak City team and I would recommend his services to anyone in need of marketing assistance.

Brent Vaughn, Oak City Properties

Running your affiliate program without a sound plan in place is not just bad business planning but also dangerous. Without a plan…at best, you may be labeled as spam, ignored, or profits may decrease as normal sales get taken by affiliates. At the worst, you could end up destroying your brand by associating with the affiliates that may not treat your brand with the respect and care it deserves. It’s more than just signing up for an online program service and repeatedly throwing content out there to see what sticks.

Good affiliate program management starts with a solid plan, adhering to brand guidelines, and not accepting every affiliate that comes calling.  Connect with us to learn how we can grow your business, one carefully chosen affiliate at a time.