Digital Marketing Audit

Why you need to get a Digital Marketing Audit once a year

As a matter of course, a good physician will meet with his patient once a year to discuss what is going on and what changes have occurred in the past twelve months.  In the same manner, a wise business owner should review or set a baseline for marketing activities and what efforts are returning ROI.

A digital marketing audit should be an objective look at your marketing activities, what is or is not producing a return on investment, and what new activities could better serve the company.

It is also your chance to learn about new technologies and receive a competitive analysis on key companies in your vertical and how effective you are competing in contrast.


Link Analysis

Comparison of your firm to your competitors

Gap Analysis

Keyword research + SEO recommendations

Comprehensive report of audit findings

Social media snapshot

Customer profiles

Content classification

Digital technologies leveraged

SEO Position Ranking + Metadata