Act-On Marketing Automation Management

Is Marketing Automation right for your company?

With our Marketing Automation Management and Consulting experience we can enable your marketing dollars to generate more ROI with the capability. Use the power of today’s latest technology to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

How often do you ask “What time of day should you post a blog?” or “Which days of the week are most receptive to your client base?” or “Which value added service is most appreciated by your client base that you can give them through automated marketing?” That’s a lot of questions and there are no easy answers; unless you are like DCD Marketing. This is our lifeblood, these are the questions that pique our curiosity and our answers are the solutions that you don’t have to spend hours studying or shoot in the dark and hope you got it right.

Act-On is a useful platform – in the right hands. Running your marketing automation without a sound plan in place is not just bad business planning but also dangerous. At the minimum, you may be labeled as spam. At the worst, your business could be blocked from search results such as Google. It’s more than just buying a list and repeatedly throwing content out there to see what sticks. Good marketing automation comes from having a good customer base already in place and the right team to help that base grow.

As an Act-On Gold Level Partner you know you are receiving quality. DCD Marketing can establish your system and manage all day to day Marketing Automation functions for your company. Keep in mind, this is more a marathon than a sprint. Just as it took time to build your solid customer base, marketing automation is not an overnight “fix”.