Resourced Marketing Director Raleigh

Resource Marketing Director

What’s the advantage of hiring an extra resource?

Why spend more money on someone to manage the “internet” or “digital marketing”? Fifteen years ago, that would have been a valid question. The evolution of marketing has grown from the ad agency of the “Mad Men” era to one with a million moving parts, new technologies on a daily basis and split second decisions with the ability to reach the world in one mouse click. It is a complicated and technical industry and it can be scary for a small to medium size business.

To hire experienced staff or train new personnel is an expensive process. When it comes down to finances, using a Resource Marketing Director to manage your needs as you need them saves time and money.  By paying only for the resources you need, on the timetable you need them replaces hiring for an entire in-house team. DCD Marketing is focused on our industry and is able to navigate the ever changing tides of digital marketing while you can focus on growing your business.

Financially beneficial. Experience beneficial. Time beneficial.

Your Issues

Insufficient budget for a full-time Marketing Director or Executive

Ongoing difficulty achieving strategic marketing goals: brand awareness, lead generation,                          conversion

Critical projects continually “on hold” waiting for proper resources

Junior staff needing senior-level directing + mentoring

Our Solutions

Eliminate wasteful spending

Increase efficiency + productivity

Boost morale for junior staff

Provide new level of marketing accountability

Regain focus on high-level goals